General house characteristics: 

Total square: 121,8 m2
Floor quantity: 2
1 floor square: 60,59 m2
2 floor square: 60,59 m2
Volume of the house set: 47 m3

Photos of a house built by the project «Keln»

Delivery of miles production — complete house sets — is going by the trails with no exception but to any place in Europe.


Variant №1: House set «BASIC»+ construction documents*
  • inner and outer walls;
  • brake block;
  • interflore closings, uprights;;
  • frame of roof.
28 569 €

Variant №2: House set «BASIC»+ assembly on costumer basement*

from 46 260 €

Variant №3: House building «TURNKEY» in four months*

from 86 171 €

* the cost doesn't include delivery to the building site.


Count the «TURNKEY» house cost right now online


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