Delivery and construction

Building all over Europe

In any season!

Delivery of completed solid glued woodblock houses!

To any place in Europe!

For detailed information called +420 608470210 (day-and-night)

Despite that main production capacity of Brusmark company is located in Izhevsk, it is not a problem for us to work in other regions of Europe.

Building of quality, affordable and ecologically clean houses at any place in Europe it is the goal that we set in front of us and that we have been carrying out for many years.

Even the long winter that is better to be waited till it is over in a solid glued woodblock house is not an obstacle for us. We are ready to build your house at any time of the year. We can do it because of our equipment, qualified workers and the technologies we use.

We do our building “turnkey”. What do we mean in that case? When we build the “turnkey” house we take the fully response and the full volume of the work at us so that the client moves to absolutely ready for life house: there is heating system, lightning system and domestic gas.

Delivery of miles production – complete house sets – is going by the trails with no exception but to any place in Europe.