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Our company has been building solid glued woodblock houses for more than 5 years. With the very beginning of our professional life we were and still are oriented to compulsory adhearance to the specifications in particular in front of our clients and in transparency with our partners. Only in following to these simple but compulsory rules we see the only right way of reinforcement and development of our company.

We will deliver complete house set at any place in Europe in very beneficial price!

Having created the full and finished woodblock house building cycle we did not stop on it and constantly extend the field of our work so that become closer for our customers and companions.

Among our proposals there is a possibility of supply of fully ready for construction solid glued woodblock house sets. This is convenient and money-saving variant perfectly feats for the sole trader who doesn’t need the help of side organization and for building companies and contractors. The last ones in that case decide lots of problems connected with wood harvesting, quality control and delivery. All that questions are already solved by us. Connect with us and we will deliver you ready-to-construct solid glued woodblock house at any place in Europe.

Choosing this variant of collaboration with us you solve several tasks at once. First of all you do not lose anything in quality because the control on the sample and the raw material transportation is as strict as if we build house «turnkey». Then you save your time and money because there is an assortment of complete houses on our store base so that we are able to start the work right now.


As you can see, we are doing our best, so that you could do the main thing: to start living in your own, warm, cosy and safe house.  



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Building is one of the most ancient and important human professions. Every person decided to connect his life with house building and devote himself to this profession deserves respect. But this business is inevitably connected with lots of difficulties. This profession does not forgive mistakes. In that case there is special importance for the young builders and building companies to get the help of more experienced colleges.


«Brusmark» company is specialized on solid glued woodblock house building and we work in this field for more than five years. During this term we saved enough material and human founds so that to stretch the hand of partnership to all who is interested in doing honest, open and both-beneficial business. In our own experience we understand all the complexity and responsibility for the work in building field. That is why we have some complex proposals for the partners and among them there is development of complete house sets.

Project work is one of the most important parts of the building. Without any exaggeration, the right projecting is that theoretical basement that will hold the entire built house. Building projecting demands special attention, not the less than to the others stages of building. Experienced and competent specialists of projecting are very rare on the labour-market and their services cost a lot. But to save money on it that means to endanger the whole business. But there is the way out from this situation.

There is sufficient staff of specialists in solid glued woodblock house projecting in our company. For all the years of our work we created enough quantity of building documentation that is fully ready to be re-given to the work of contracting or other building agencies.

You don’t need to think about such things as where to take building project or to hire qualified engineer anymore. We have already done this work for you and are ready to share our experience.

You do have a building crew but you do not have an engineering office? That is not the reason to build by sight.

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solid glued woodblock

house projects!

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We accommodate with loans!