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  1. Solid glued woodblock
  2. Moulded strips

Solid glued woodblock

Solid glued woodblock is the most lasting, practical and safe material which could be used in wooden building. Contemporary technologies of production makes solid glued woodblock to be like this. Solid glued woodblock special treat is that it is made not from the whole log but from separate lamella-bars, which are the product of log sawing. During the slid glued woodblock production process those lamellas are thoroughly dried (till residual moisture is 10%), sorted, if needed they could be cut and spliced on micro nib. Those quality boards are qualitatively planed and glued under the press machine with special ecological glue that doesn’t prevent timber ventilation. At the end of this process we get solid glued panels that further are calibrated and profiled.

This solid glued woodblock production technology makes it more durable than log and defends it from crack making and prevents from shrinkage what is inevitable in case of cylinder log or one-piece woodblock building. Besides from all the amount of other wooden materials solid glued woodblock is much less prone to rotting and burning and its heat-insulating qualities are much higher.


Description of goods Bottom Type Thickness, mm. Wideness, mm. Length, mm. Price RUB/m³
Building solid glued profiled woodblock Needles А 110/140/160 80/120/160/200 13 от 20 000
Building solid glued non-profiled woodblock (blank) Needles А 115/145/165 84/126/198/210 13 от 18 000
Building solid glued profiled with cut joints woodblocks (house set) Needles А 110/140/160/200 80/120/160/200 - от 22 500 (depends on complectation)

Brusmark Company is large solid glued woodblock producer and provides supply of solid glued woodblock, glued panels and other moulded wood made materials. For the solid glued woodblock production Brusmark Company uses only high-quality timber of deal and pine that are the most popular in out city building.

Depends on the demands solid glued woodblock could be supplied in different verities. Brusmark company makes unshaped solid glued woodblock supply and solid glued woodblock that has final look because of the profile and that is made with the help of contemporary milling equipment. According to desire of the customer we could make different profile shape depends on the house project.

We have our own solid woodblock production and make supply not only of materials of construction but the whole house sets where on solid glued profiled woodblock the cups in mode of production are made. Because of that at the end of production solid glued woodblock is absolutely ready for usage. The length of solid glued woodblock that we get at the end of production is 13, 5 meters but according to customer desire it could be cut into required to the project size.

Solid glued woodblock for house building and windows
Government Standard 20850 – 84

1. Technical requirements.
1.1 Solid glued woodblock is made according to this technical regulation on working draft appointed in appropriate order.
1.2. Nominal woodblock sizes and finite deviation from them are corresponded to ones that are in the sketch and tab. 1 or are shown in working drafts for the specific constructions.


  Sizes, mm
Nominal Limited deviations
Woodblock height 140 (83) +-0,5 (+-0,2)
Woodblock widens 200 (78) +-0,5 (+-0,2)
Nib height 12 (-) -0,5
Slot deep 12 (-) +0,5
Woodblock length 12000 (3000/4000) +-1,0

1.3. Woodblock humidity at the moment of production and acceptance is 10 +-2%
1.4. Thickness of glued layers is 20-50 mms (if to glue 7 layers building woodblock than 30 mms, if to glue 5 layers woodblock than 42 mms, for window woodblock the thickness is 27-28 mms). Layers could be both whole and glued in length on the micro nib.
1.5. Ready production requires the demands from the tab. 2


№ п/п Name of indicator Measurement Indicator definition Method of control
1 Roughness of side surface of the woodblock mkm 320 GS 15612
2 Surface elements deviation: mm per 1 p/m   GS 3749
  - From alignment; 0,5
  - From flat surface accuracy 0,5
  - From perpendicularity 0,5
3 Durability of serrated glued joint of layers MPа 27*(37) GS 15613.4
4 Durability of glued jointed layers in face:      
  - with interlaying fissure MPa 6*(8) GS 25884
  - after boiling within 3 hours MPa 3,2* GS 17005
5 Resistance of glued joints in case of delamination % not over 5 GS 27812

*) Minimal, in brackets — durability mean values

2. Requirements to the material.
2.1.1 For woodblocks for house building production are used materials from deal and pine.
2.1.2 For woodblocks for windows production are used materials from pine.
2.2.1  The quality of lamellas woodblocks for windows constructions production corresponds to Governmental Standard 24700-99.
2.2.2. According to the quality of outer lamellas the woodblock for house building is divided into three types A, B, C. Timber flaws and treatment defects according to types are written in tab. 3. The quality of inner layers could be one type lower.


№ п/п Defects sort А sort B sort С
1 Knot healthy bright 2-3 items with diameter up to 12 mm for 1 m With size up to 35 mm – without limits, size up to 50 mm – 25 % from general amount Without limits in size and quantity
2 Knots healthy dark Not allowed Healthy, size up to 35 mm – without limits, size up to 50 mm – 4 items per item Size ½ of widens of the item up to 1 item per 2 m, less than ½ of widens – without limits
3 Knots dark partly inosculated or damaged Not allowed Knots dark, partly inosculated, without damage are allowed in size up to ½ from the size of healthy ones – without limits Healthy dark and partly inosculated with size ½ from width, 1 item per details, less than ½ without limits
4 Knots fallen out, falling out and not inosculated Not allowed Not allowed Not allowed but its fixing on the glue is permitted but not more than 1/3 of detail width
5 Cracks Allowed micro cracks with opening up to 0,5 mm and length up to 50 mm Allowed cracks with opening up to 1 mm and length up to 100 mm Allowed cracks with opening up to 1,5 mm with deep up to ½ detail thickness with length up to ½ of the length on inosculating element
6 Butt cracks Not allowed Not allowed Allowed cracks with opening up to 1/5 mm deep up to ½  detail thickness length up to ½ of inosculating element length
7 Blind pitch pocket Small pitch pockets 2-3 items per 2 m. Up to 1,5 mm width and up to 30 mm per 1 m Size of pitch pocket is not more than 3x50 mm per 1 m Pitch pockets 8 mm width one per 1m width 3 mm – without limits
8 Through  pitch pocket Not allowed Not allowed Not allowed
9 The centre Centre is allowed on the stitch side with length up to ½ of item length, without being on the edges and side slopes Center is allowed on the stitch side without limits on the face side not more 1/5 of detail length Centre is allowed without limits
10 Stain Light barely visible bluing  is allowed on the stitch side also without being on the side slopes and up to 10% in shape Barely visible bluing of light colors is allowed on the stitch side up to 20% in shape Stain is allowed without being on the face side
11 Rot Not allowed Not allowed Not allowed
12 Bored hole Not allowed Not allowed Not allowed
13 Blunt rough edg Not allowed Allowed on the stitch side in separate fragments, protected from the bark, width up to 5 mm Rough edge is allowed on the stitch side in separate fragments, protected from the bark, width up to 10 mm
14 Spaces within gouging on the stitch side Not allowed Not allowed On the stitch side not more than 1/6 length. Cleaned.
15 Spaces within gouging on the side slope of the face side Not allowed On the side edge, length up to 400 mm. Cleaned. Not allowed
16 Mechanical damages. Not allowed except for shallow fissures deep is up to 1mm in the place of nib joint on the stitch side not more than 2 items per whole item Little fissures are allowed with depth up to 2 mm in places of nib joint on the stitch side Mechanical damages with depth up to 3 mm are 3 on the stitch side.
17 Warpage Not allowed Allowed warpage is not more than 0,1 % Allowed warpage is up to 0,155

2.3 The layers surfaces should be planed before gluing. Roughness of timber surface according to Governmental Standard is not more than 200 mkm or should correspond to the quality of surface treatment of etalon sample.
2.4 Size and shape layer deviation before gluing does not oversize the limit from tab. 4.


Indicators Allowances
Axial warpage
- on faces Allowed with sag of span on the length 3 m, not more than 20mm
- on edges Allowed in limits of haunch on mechanical treatment
Transversal warpage Allowed with sag of span in parts of width of the layer not more than 0,8%
Twist Allowed with deviation of layer surface from the plane on the length 3 m more than 8 mm
Gage interference in length and width of layer not more than 0,2 mm

2.5. For woodblock gluing the glues with high waterproof degree are used (CascoAdhesives1973 with hardener 1993 with glue consumption 150-300 gr/m2). Glues that are used for woodblock production should be permitted for usage by the governmental sanitary control service and have hygienic permission.

Woodblock section 140 mm

Woodblock section 145 mm

House production from solid glued woodblock


This construction material is called ideal. It is the best that human was able to make up in alliance with nature.

Solid glued woodblock compares in itself qualities of several construction materials in unique way and even excels them in some items: it is as durable and lasting as concrete, fireproof as metal, is able to provide oxygen as all wooden constructions and is ecological clean and perfectly save warmth.

Solid glued woodblock Brusmark production from coniferous trees of the highest quality with the use of Italian equipment of the last keen with careful following to all the technical options is the basement of safety and quality of our production.

Up-to-date achievements of timber treatment allow to produce 7 and 5 layers solid glued woodblock Brusmark that has high durability, resistance to the environment and especially low capacity of heat transmission. During the process of production we use ecological clean glues that don’t harm the ability of oxygen to penetrate inside.

Solid glued woodblock is used in wooden house set production, wooden made euro windows and others fields of building.

Solid glued woodblock houses.


Solid glued woodblock Brusmark has its own profile that allows to retrofit the woodblocks in maximal possible way, creating the wall that is equal to the solid one in heat insulation features. Perfect esthetical qualities and durable characteristics give the ability to fully refuse from the most decoration and warming materials usage so that considerably reduce time and founds expenses. 

Solid glued woodblock Brusmark has construction material certificate and international quality certificate.

Living house that is made from solid glued woodblock Brusmark is the best variant of combined home. It is the swiftly and forever built house. It is no only the high quality, safety and comfort but the symbol of prestige and prosperity.

In Russia has appeared the new standard of quality “Brusmark”.

Moulded strips

Description of goods Bottom Type Thickness, mm Wideness, mm Length, m Price, RUB/m3
Eurobatten (needle) needle extra 14 85 2-3 22 000
Eurobatten (needle) needle А 14 85 2-3 14 500
Eurobatten (needle) needle В 14 85 2-3 12 500
Eurobatten (needle) needle С 14 85 2-3 9 000
Eurobatten (needle) needle А 14 85 1-1,5 11 000
Eurobatten (needle) needle В 14 85 1-1,5 9 000
Eurobatten (needle) needle С 14 85 1-1,5 4 500
Floor board needle А 27/32 80/115/135 3 12 500
Floor board needle В 27/32 80/115/135 3 10 500
Floor board needle С 27/32 80/115/135 3 8 500
Jointed floor board needle А 27/32 80/115/135 3-6 16 000
Jointed floor board needle В 27/32 80/115/135 3-6 11 000
Jointed floor board needle С 27/32 80/115/135 3-6 9 000
Block-house needle АВ 34/42 135 3 12 000
Block-house needle С 34/42 135 3 6 500

Flow board and moulded strips are safe “Brusmark” materials.

Wood is the unique nature material. It is able to turn usual living house into the house with special microclimate and atmosphere. It is supposed that timber evaporate essential oil and resin and the air inside gets antiseptically treats. Quality finishing agents that are made of wood not only will decorate any house but will improve microclimate. Contemporary technologies give the wooden decoration incredibly diverse keeping all given by nature miracle timber features.

Moulded strips of Brusmark trade mark are flour board, lining board and other decoration materials of highest quality, ecological clean production, made from best timber that went through the thorough check up for the absence of defects and damages.

Production and selling of high quality lining board.

Contemporary import equipment and usage of the last achievements in the field of timber treatment allow to produce the widest variety of moulded strips of different assortment and size. Drying and treatment technologies make our lining  board and other moulded elements of Brusmark ideal for exploitation in Russian climate.

Brusmark items are famous for stable geometry and special stability to the humidity drop. The high quality of final treatment of Brusmark items guaranties absolute smoothness of surfaces and use safety. Together with this in Brusmark items beneficially underlined natural texture and color of timber that will make every interior better. Moulded strips Brusmark are fully corresponded to Russian governmental standards and have quality certificate.