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"Every person during his life has to plant a tree, grow up a son and build a house"

It is such an old and stereotyped truth. But this truth will never loose its actuality. Ages change, political regimes change, the oil gets chipper and more expensive.  But through all that the main human values stay the same: that is family that waits for you at home, children who play in the backyard of your house, the fireplace that warms you and your relatives that come to your house.

We will build the house for you at any place in Europe at any time of the year.

Each person needs that much talked-about “corner” where he can turn back. The place where he could have a rest after every day fuss and to take gests, just to feel safe, to feel the hoist of his life. For every person it is very important to have it all. It is very important to have his own house. The house where his children will be born. The house that he will hand over to his heirs.  Just believe there is no more happiness for a human. That is the real aim but not that artificial, unnatural something that we are told: mythical success, obscure status and other empty things. 

Our recent historical past changed traditional conception about own house as about the highest human and family value. We used to live in communal apartments, service apartments. The most fortunate could use governmental dachas. And there were not such a term as “house”. It was floorage.

There are lots of different stereotypes in our contemporary society. It seems to us that our own house is a very expensive pleasure. We are afraid of being deceived and our money being stolen. Sometimes we think about moving somewhere. And all those empty thoughts repulse us from bringing into life our main dream. Dream about our own house. The house for us and our children. So years pass and we are at the same place where we used to be.

«Every person during his life has to plant a tree, grow up a son and build a house.» The last point you could bring into life together with us.

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Flexible payment variants, hypothecary crediting.

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