Our manufacture

What «Brusmark» is?

«Brusmark» it is not just «one more building company».

«Brusmark» is the new standard of quality in Europe.

For our manufacturing we choose solid glued woodblock – the safest, convenient in handling and service and durable material, which is used in wooden building. And the most important thing – solid glued woodblock is an ecological clean building material. It is absolutely harmless provided saving all the mechanical features which are necessary to build a house.

In our work we use Italian and German equipment. We trust the maintenance of this equipment only to high qualified specialists who are the masters of their work.

Before the procured timber turns into your house, it comes through different stages of treatment. We strictly choose each trunk before saw it down. Than we have the wood sawed down, cut, and dried.

The desiccation of wood is going in condensation chambers. It allows to use “soft” regime of drying so that to avoid cracks and changing of the geometry of solid glued woodblock.  Moreover, it is not only for short-term period but for long-term as well. Thus softly dried woodblock will save all its correct shapes and wholeness even after decades.


The next stage of carving wood treatment is elimination of defects which are not allowed in producing of solid glued woodblock (falling out knots, inosculated knots, big pitch pocket e.c.t). The lamellas that are got out of this process insolate together up to the length of 13 meters long on the line of infinite joint-making Spanevello.



13 meterslamellas are planed on 8-spindel 4-sided Winner dunters in order to open up timber vessel so that to glue lamellas to the thickness.


For thickness gluing ( and for length gluing) we use the Switzerland AKZO NOBEL trade mark   glues of highest quality (carbamide- melamine glue).

Glued wood workshop



We profile solid glued woodblock blank and than it goes to the house detail production section. 5- arbor fully-automatic computerized numerical control unit Essetre allows to produce lots of solid glued woodblock treatment varieties  with fine-resolution. It considerably reduces expenses for house detail construction in building area in future. Usage of this equipment allows not only to reduce the price of the material and the price of the construction but to put into life the most bold architecture projects. 


We thoroughly watch at the strict State Standard requirements and ecological standard during all the stages of technological process - to start with the logging and to finish with the solid glued woodblock.

Monthly volume of our production reaches 700m3 for the solid glued woodblock house set and more than 200m3 for moulded strips.

Finished-products storage area


Contemporary technologies of timber treatment that are constantly watched to be up-to-date by us, allows to make productions with high durability and especial resistance to environmental damage factors. Thoroughness of final treatment of «Brusmark» productions guaranties the ideal surface slickness and smoothness and comfort and safety in usage.

All this results were reached because of the right mixture of three main compounds: contemporary equipment, qualified workers and up-to-date technologies.

Our houses