To developers of cottage townships

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Special for sole traders, prime contractors, developers and so on we offer special conditions:

1. Special prices for the solid glued woodblock house sets

2. Special payment conditions for solid glued woodblock house sets

3. Special conditions and supply terms for solid glued woodblock house sets

Also our organization could offer you:

Special terms and conditions of building with own crews all over Europe.

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Building is one of the most complicated fields of contemporary production. But also building is quite profitable business. Many entrepreneurs that chased after superprofit are trying their own power in this field but they forget about the main thing. House building it is business with life-long guarantee. Only few stay in that hard business and even a few are good enough to do the good name and good reputation. Every builder perfectly knows how serious and complex should be the approach to his profession. In this field even little mistakes are not allowed. Each act and decision should be thought through and estimated.

We, «Brusmarck» company specialists, will not further sleep down your attention with naked words. Let’s refer to the facts. We do not just exist on the market for five more years. For all that time that is more than enough to proof we do really work.

We will deliver complete house set at any place in Europe!

With beneficial price for you!

Do you want to work with the professionals and earn money?

Save your time and money!

We project, build and develop. Our company is oriented to the honest, transparent and safe collaboration. We know the price to our words and deeds and we price our reputation and our name too much. In that case the most importance for us gets the collaboration with other building companies.

Complete house sets.

In sight and to order.

In individual projects.

Our company does the full cycle of turnkey solid glued woodblock houses building and we control each stage of the work: separation of raw materials, projecting works and building. We are responsible for every step in that technological chain and are in charge for it.

We are open to the collaboration and are ready for it. Besides complex plans for house building we research of the complete house sets from solid glued woodblock – the full set of construction documents, that is enough to be given to contracting agencies. One more direction of our work is production of complete house sets. We represent fully ready-to-construct woodblock sets the work with that could be done by contracting agencies.

We are perfectly aware of that doing the successful business is inseparably connected to constant looking for the most effective decisions. That is why we are always ready to the dialog with companies that are exactly as we are pointed to long-term and both-profitable collaboration. We believe that the most of the great achievements could be reached only together.

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