About us

Make your dream about wooden house come true with the team of professionals from “Brusmark” company!

«Brusmark» company was founded more than 5 years ago. Our company projects, produces and builds solid glued woodblock houses “turnkey”. Possess our own resource base and developed building infrastructure we could produce and build houses for you all the year round!

«Brusmark» trade mark it is ecological clean, response to the highest quality requirement and produced on contemporary Italian equipment wooden-made productions such as solid glued woodblocks and solid glued woodblock houses, euro-windows and doors, moulded goods, edge glued panel, woodblock block houses.


Our manufacturing provided with unique Italian equipment. This allows as to reveal the possibilities of solid glued woodblock that couldn’t be used before and to reduce period of building up to 40%. Having such equipment and experienced workers we will come true all your most audacious ideas and will create an inimitable, extraordinary architecture and cosy interior of your house.


In order to save your money and time, we developed an ideal sketch for creation of the house of your dream. We offer you complex decision of the question of building solid glued woodblock house “turnkey”. We have chosen solid glued woodblock as a material of construction not by accident. The houses that are made of this are of perfect quality, warm, cosy and longeval. We see the final result of our work exactly like this.

You shouldn’t be worried about each stage of building of the house from solid glued woodblock. We are responsible for all of them. Everything would be done by our specialists, beginning with general planning and communication projecting and ending with interior and garden design. Therefore all the activities will be concentrated in one hands and we are fully responsible for built wooden houses. Even after the end of building. We assume responsibility for guarantee and post guarantee service.
The project of woodblock-made house developed by the professional allows providing for everything and avoiding mistakes.

We will help to create your dream – the most comfortable, attractive and save solid glued woodblock house «turnkey».


«Brusmark» and the last achievements in the field of timber methods of treatment will help to make the dream about real wooden house come true as quickly and quality as possible.

The real house is spacious, bright, comfortable and warm. You could brief easily inside and feel relaxed and happy. The real house is the wooden-made house, the best material human been given by nature.

«Brusmark» trade mark is for those who rate perfect quality, eager to be close to nature, choose comfort and safety and think about the future.

It appeared the new «Brusmark» standard of quality in Europe.

Our managers are ready to answer all your questions!