Construction technology

Brusmark company offers you full solid glued woodblock house building work complex.

1. Design of full packet of construction documents (30 sheets, for correspondence with any authorities, is given after conclusion of a treaty).

2. Foundation design. Any foundation according to costumers’ project.

3. Solid glued woodblock house set:

  • external and internal walls
  • brake block
  • interflore closings, uprights
  • frame of roof
  • heat isolating materials (jute)

4. Roof frame set up:

  • warm roof frame/cold roof frame
  • metallic roof frame/soft roof frame

5. Windows and doors set up.

6. Communications (equipment and set up):

  • electric system (wires, outlets, switch, light technique, accounting group)
  • heating system (gas or electric boiler, radiators, additional elements, tubes)
  • water supply (metallic-plastic tubes)
  • sewage
  • ventilation

7. Decoration:

  • interfloor stairway
  • fire-bioproof material treatment
  • flooring (synthetic covering, lamination, tile, floor board – depends on the purpose of the room)
  • ceiling (you can choose: casement/counter/woodblock imitation)
  • mixer taps
  • bathroom units
  • shower stall, whirlpool bath

There are ready house sets available at our storehouse.

If you have any questions call +420 608470210